If you suffer from Acne you know what an annoying condition it is. Acne's target is young adolescents and teenagers which are more prone to suffer from acne due to their social status.
If you have acne and had to deal with it yourself, you most probably now how difficult it is to get rid of it. You might have tried numerous amounts of different products, ranging from pills to creams, but to no avail.

This happens because the education in how to treat acne revolves around these different types of medication, without talking too much about the most elementary things to do in order to treat the problem.

What are the elementary factors then?

Keep Skin Clean

It is of utmost importance to keep your skin clean. It does not mean that a dirty face causes acne because it is the bacteria inside the skin that starts acne.

Cleaning you skin regularly will not cure acne but will help it stop from spreading on the rest of your skin and reducing the chances of becoming more severe.

It is advisable to wash skin thoroughly even if you are using ant-acne cream.

Right Choice of Food

The market is full of products helping you out in reducing the amount of sebum produced by sebaceous glands. Using these treatments alone will not help you ease the problem. Consider eating food containing Vitamin A and B.

Foods containing a lot of Vitamin A like spinach, sweet potatoes, apricots and carrots and Vitamin B, like vegetables, cereals, sweet corn, rice and berries help in regulating your hormones and sebum production.

Avoiding Over Production of hormones

Increase in the production of hormones will encourage acne growth. If you are under stress because of work, school or social problems you might need some form of relaxation to help you out.

Any sort of exercise like yoga or walking will help ease your stress and eventually your acne.
It is of utmost importance to avoid food and drinks that increase hormonal increase. This type of food includes caffeine, dairy products, carbohydrates and meat eventually produce toxins that will need to get out through your skin. When their path is blocked with a hair follicle toxins build up and together with sebum trigger acne.

It is a fact that most of the acne treatments that we try will not stop it completely.


  1. NYoMaN  

    How about ur face? gt Acne? :P

  2. Michael  

    The type of food that are associated for curing acne are more beneficial as compared to lotions and creams,because it has many inorganic constituents.

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